Sound Choice 6th Annual Banquet “Stepping Up for True Science” – Guest Speaker: Judy Mikovits, Ph.D.

Every April, Sound Choice scientists gather to celebrate and share our work with parents, doctors, leaders, and organizations who believe in practicing science with a conscience. This year, our 6th Annual Dinner Fundraising Event will be on Thursday, April 4, 2019, at the Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Ave North, Seattle, WA from 6pm-9pm.

This event is about helping parents and advocacy groups to identify and use “true science” overcome self-doubt and continue fighting for vaccine freedom. We will introduce to our sponsors and attendees the most prominent papers that confirm Sound Choice’s theories and demonstrate our data’ validity. We will also announce our big support for our sister’s company, AVM Biotechnology, who is raising fund for the clinical trial to treat blood cancers and autoimmunities in children, frail patients and the elderly.

Our guest speaker for this event is Dr. Judy Mikovitz. She was the first scientist discovered and published the link between human retroviruses and chronic diseases, and her life was ruined after publishing the study. She stated that she was fired for an unknown reason. She said that she was then jailed for 5 days and was asked to make a statement that her data was wrong. She is currently collaborating with other labs to continue her work on retroviruses and traveling to public meetings and conferences to bring awareness about the dangers of retroviral residual toxins in vaccines.

Having you at this event would not only help us continue our critical work but would also support Dr. Judy Mikovits and other scientists who are standing up for TRUE SCIENCE based on data rather than a political agenda.

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