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Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) is a cutting edge biomedical research organization.   Its president is Theresa Deisher Ph.D., a genetic engineer who, before founding SCPI as a nonprofit, had over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, from basic human biology through clinical trials.  Since 1993 she has been involved in the use of genetic engineering to develop therapeutic processes. She discovered stem cells in adults and has worked on their potential therapeutic uses.  As the result of this work her name is on 35 patents as the inventor.  Under her leadership, the SCPI organization

  • Studies the health and pathologic consequences of residual fetal human DNA, cellular debris, and retroviruses in our medicines
  • Promotes awareness about the widespread use of fetal human material in drug discovery, development and commercialization, and the rights of every consumer to know what is in their products, including residual human DNA
  • Supports the gains made in adult stem cell research
  • Conducts research and product development, including alternate cell lines for vaccine production
  • Applies scientific methods that align with SCPI mission to end human trafficking and exploitation for the purposes of biomedical research and development of commercial products

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SCPI is also involved in the subject of medical products’ safety, including vaccine safety, based entirely upon scientific research.

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Deisher’s  career has focused on discovering and developing new therapies for grievous  human illness.    Dr.  Deisher obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology  from  Stanford  University  and  has  spent   over  20  years  in  commercial biotechnology.   Prior to founding AVM Biotechnology and Sound Choice Pharmaceutical  Institute (SCPI), she worked with leading biotechnology companies, including Genentech, Repligen, ZymoGenetics,  Immunex and Amgen. AVM Biotechnology is the marquee  prolife  biotech company worldwide, certifying that it does not use morally illicit material in any process.  SCPI’s mission is to end human trafficking in biomedical research.

Dr.  Deisher  is  an inventor  on 35 issued US/EU/Japan patents and 3 discoveries in clinical trials including discoveries  which have led to clinical  trials  of FGF18  for osteoarthritis  and cartilage  repair,  and for Factor XIII for surgical  bleeding.    Dr.  Deisher  was  the  first  person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells, and has been a champion of adult stem cell research, both professionally and privately,  for two decades.   Dr. Deisher was a plaintiff in the US federal lawsuit to prohibit use of federal tax payer dollars for embryo destructive research, which was instrumental in steering science towards adult stem cell research, which has led to 14 US FDA approved adult stem cell products and the Washington Post Dec 2013 headline “Scientists Go Ethical in 2013”.

She is a frequent lecturer on the stem cell issues delving into topics such as ; research,  clinical  progress,  policy,  economics  and ethics.   She provides  a breath of fresh air with a common sense approach which allows lay audiences to readily grasp the issues.  Dr. Deisher has appeared on numerous radio shows, televised debates and lives on The World Over Live with Raymond Arroyo.

Dr. Therese Deisher does not fall far from the tree when it comes to helping the vulnerable in our world. Her uncle, Dr. Robert W. Deisher, was integral in creating the University of Washington Center on Human Development and Disability program in the late 1960’s.  At that time, most children with developmental disorders, such as autism and Down syndrome, were institutionalized.  Her uncle proposed a clinic and a school on the university campus.  This raised the attention of the Kennedy Administration which invited him to a White House Conference on Children and Youth.

In the early 1970’s, her uncle actively helped teens who were homeless, alienated, involved in prostitution or in prison by starting the Pioneer Square Youth Clinic to provide free medical services to homeless teens and young adults.  In addition, he opened the first counseling center for gay youth, Seattle Counseling Service.   In 2014 the organization commemorated him with the first annual Dr. Deisher Founder’s Award.  In the mid 1990’s at the age of 75, he created programs for pregnant and homeless girls.

Dr. Robert W. Deisher published many studies and articles about on related topics, and was a University of Washington professor emeritus of pediatrics in the Division of Adolescent Medicine.  He died Aug. 10, 2010 at the age of 89.  Dr. Theresa Deisher follows an honorable family tradition.

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