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Scientists’ Concerns – 03/13/14
Carrie’s guest Dr. Theresa Deisher reveals new information on the science of autistic disorder.

Human Trafficking For Research – 03/12/14
Carrie’s guest Dr. Theresa Deisher explains how medical research is using people worldwide in ways that are deplorable. This form of trafficking is bigger than people realize and one of the reasons why Sound Choice Pharmaceuticals exists.

A Very Sound Choice! – 10/10/13
Carrie’s guest Dr. Theresa Deisher explains the focus of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute and the work they are doing to find a cure for autism and ways to prevent autism. Dr. Deisher explains why their focus is so necessary and ways individuals can begin to be part of the solution. A must listen!

Understanding Human Fetal Cell Lines in Manufacturing and Scientific Reasons for Concern – 10/9/13
Carrie’s guest Dr. Theresa Deisher, gives one of her most concise and insightful explanations on the autism debate as it relates to the DNA complications and risks of manufacturing medical products via human fetal cell tissues.

New Childhood Epidemics – 3/22/13
Carrie and Dr. Theresa Deisher continue to discuss how human DNA and other retro-viruses may cause autism, which is still on the rise and other epidemics we have not seen before in children.

Autism on the Rise – 3/21/13
Carrie and her guest, Dr. Theresa Deisher, discuss the current status of autism which is on the rise, along with other childhood epidemics not seen before and what is being done about them.

Autism & Fetal Material – 1/1/13
Carrie and Dr. Theresa Deisher discuss how children might be affected through certain immunizations and what studies should be done to find a way to prevent autism, now reported 1 in 54 boys when in 1970 it was 1 in 10,000!

SCPI Science in Action – 4/21/12
This video is part of the CME and Nursing Contact Hour Conference called Dignity and Destiny: Catholic Traditions in Health Care ethics. Dr. Deisher presents a lecture: Countering the Commoditization of Fetuses by the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Dr. Deisher on the World Over live with Raymond Arroyo

Stem Cell Debate from the Mainstream Republicans of WA’s Cascade Conference XXV – 5/20/06


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