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Newsletter October 2017: NOT BORN WITH IT

A recently published clinical trial at Duke University has demonstrated that the majority of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are NOT BORN WITH IT.

The team at Duke University treated 25 children with ASD with their own banked umbilical cord blood. The majority (2/3rds) of the children treated with their own umbilical cord blood improved in social communication, use of expressive vocabulary and eye-tracking measures.  Some of the children had dramatic improvements so that autism no longer consumes 75% of their family’s daily routine, but now only 10%.

Umbilical cord blood banking is the storing of a child’s cord blood for future uses such as autologous (self) stem cell transplants, applicable for treatments of cancer and other diseases. To treat cancer, high dose chemotherapy or radiation is used, which destroys the child’s blood cells in addition to killing the cancer.  The child’s banked umbilical cord blood, which contains blood forming stem cells, is used to help their blood recover quickly to prevent infection.  However, if the child was born with the mutation that led to their cancer they would not be able to use the child’s banked cord blood because the cord blood would have the same cancerous mutation.

Over the past decade, numerous studies have been published that demonstrate that 60-70% or more of children diagnosed with simplex ASD have de novo gene mutations that damage critical genes needed for metabolism, cell-cell signaling and other important cell functions. The mutations that have been found in children with ASD were found by sequencing the DNA in the child’s whole blood.   De novo gene mutations are mutations that are not present in either parent’s whole blood.  The scientific community has assumed, without doing any studies, that the de novo gene mutations must have occurred in the egg, sperm or during early in utero development.  Dawson and team’s recent clinical trial treating children with ASD with their own umbilical cord blood reveals the danger of erroneous conclusions and misguided research focus when scientists make assumptions without doing the research to prove their assumptions.

This clinical trial clearly shows us that the mutations found in the whole blood of children with ASD must have occurred after birth.  What this means is that research should be focused on identifying environmental damage that happens after birth that leads to the mutations most scientists accept as the cause of the symptoms of autism.

Autism is now a worldwide epidemic.  Recently reported rates for India are that autism affects 1 in 68 children.  Rates of autism in Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia are almost as high as in the US and EU.  Autism struck third world countries affecting children right after humanitarian vaccination campaigns in those countries took place. The Duke University study should be a wake-up call to all of us.  The primary trigger for the worldwide autism epidemic must be an environmental exposure that occurs after birth.  The commonality among children around the world is that they are now almost universally vaccinated with measles vaccines that are manufactured using human fetal cells and contaminated with human fetal DNA fragments that are well established as inducers of de novo gene mutations.

Why support SCPI?  Because SCPI is the only organization doing the hard research to determine the environmental trigger for autism to protect our children and prevent future incidence of vaccine-induced brain injury.   And, with our sister organization AVM Biotechnology, we are determined to provide the parents with promising affordable treatments, and hopefully, cures for these children./.

Newsletter August 2017

SCPI is moving to end Human Trafficking for Organ Transplant

 The problem: Organ demand surpasses supply

 Organ transplantation was once considered an experimental procedure with a low success rate. Many patients with transplanted organs survived for just a few days or weeks after surgery. Researchers have now transformed transplant surgery from risky to routine. Today, organ transplantation is the treatment of choice for patients with end-stage organ disease. In the United States, about 80 patients receive a lifesaving organ transplant every day.

The kidney is the most commonly transplanted organ, followed by liver, heart, lungs, pancreas and intestines. The median wait time for a kidney transplant is 3.6 years and the need for kidneys is growing at an alarming rate. This is largely due to kidney failure being a consequence of diabetes and high blood pressure. The current problem is that there are not enough organs available to meet this demand. This has led to the rise of an international organ harvesting black market, which intentionally targets poor and vulnerable communities.

The buying and selling of organs is illegal. According to the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984, purchasing a kidney is against the US law. Organ transaction for profit clashes with the “Human Cell Tissue and Organ Transplantation” guiding principles of The World Health Organization. It is also prohibited by the Council of Europe Convention of Human Rights and Biomedicine. Iran is the only country in which legal organ markets exist. Sound Choice is alarmed about the disregard for the health and safety of the poor and vulnerable who sell their organs on the black market.  The current system is, either legally or illegally, manipulating vulnerable donors into a situation where they only see an immediate financial incentive that may solve a short-term predicament, such as, putting food on the table. There is a high likelihood that most of these donors are insufficiently screened and given inadequate post-op care. Moreover, they may have no recourse if something goes wrong after they have received their payment.

Pro-commercialization arguments reason that the act of selling kidneys is one’s own choice, hence, organ commercialization should be legalized. However, our research suggests corruption and manipulation is not going to change with an open market. If legalized, one could expect numbers of injuries and deaths due to organ transplantation in vulnerable populations to rise.

 The solution: Stem cell therapies to replace organ transplantation 

 “Human exploitation and trafficking is a global issue, how do we all get involved in this issue? At SCPI we are doing scientific research to find solutions.  Our goal is to replace organ transplantation with stem cell therapy.  When stem cell therapy regenerates damaged organs, the demand for organ transplant will go down.  When a cure for failing organs is available, the demand for transplantable organs will diminish, as will the need for suppliers. And so, the organ black market would dissolve.

Most importantly during our research, SCPI insists on an ethical stem cell therapy method cell therapy, because are we really doing the right thing if we use embryonic stem cells to replace organ harvesting?  The source of the stem cells is important. Embryonic stem cells are used frequently in stem cell research, development and applications, and have been claimed to be “the best” therapy alternative for organ black market transplants.

SCPI is set on finding alternatives to embryonic stem cell therapy. The need for alternatives is not only based on ethics, but is also based on treatment safety for patients. Embryonic stem cells are tumorigenic by nature.  Dr. Deisher and others have found that there are ethical alternatives to embryonic stem cell therapies, and she believes that everyone deserves the right to know about and financially afford the alternatives. Her vision is Sound Choice’s vision, but it goes even beyond that. This vision is the driving force of all the biotechnology research efforts that Sound Choice supports: to provide safe, effective and affordable alternatives thus ending human exploitation and trafficking in biomedical research.

Dr. Deisher has been leading scientists to push adult stem cell therapies into the clinical trial phase – the final step before treatments can reach patients worldwide. The biggest project that they are currently focused on is to launch a small molecule that optimizes the targeting, retention and effectiveness of ethically derived stem cells. This is a major breakthrough as Dr. Deisher’s team was the first to discover the hurdles that limit the clinical and commercial potential of adult cell-based therapies, and to develop a solution to those hurdles. Dr. Deisher and her team have been able to deliver up to 30-fold more stem cells to damaged organs, making the dream of replacing organ transplant with stem cell therapy a near-term reality. To continue the success of this research and make sure we are developing a method that brings ethical stem cells to the organ, we need your financial partnership. That’s the current hurdle. Dr. Deisher’s team has discovered a solution that will make stem cell treatment instead of organ harvesting and transplanting a near term reality, but without continued financial support we will not be able to get this treatment into the arms of the public. Will you join us in this mission?  Please support this cause that will be impacting the most vulnerable populations of our world.

Newsletter March 2017


From those who do not question…

On April 21, 2015 the paper “Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status among US Children with Older Siblings with and without Austim” on the JAMA network ( concludes that “Receipt of the MMR vaccine was not associated with increased risk of ASD regardless of whether older siblings have ASD.”  We at Sound Choice say “Not so fast!”  We know that it is not MMR specifically, but the human fetal contaminants in the MMR that are associated with autism.  Since the authors did not analyze any of the other human fetal contaminated vaccines like all hepatitis A containing vaccines, the Pentacel vaccine and Varivax (for chickenpox), they did not actually do a study worth reporting.

There is a clear disconnect between the public, evenly divided perception that accepts the direct association between MMR vaccines and autism and the scientific community that has neglected to look into the actual association of human fetal contaminants with. Human fetal cell line manufactured vaccines are heavily contaminated with residual human fetal DNA fragments, and in some cases retroviral fragments. These contaminants are known to be able to trigger autoimmune reactions as well as mutations in genes. MMRII is ONLY one of many vaccines manufactured in human fetal cell lines. No study has ever tested the link between human fetal manufactured vaccines and autism, other than the studies done by Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, which demonstrate ecologic, epidemiologic, biologic and dose-dependent associations between human fetal manufactured vaccines and autism.

On this occasion, let us bring up the op-ed piece written on September 11, 2014 by Simcha Fischer, a mother of ten, a self-described “blabbermouth”. She attacked Sound Choice’s published study based on her three so-called “red flags”. Simcha’s first red flag is her imagination of Sound Choice’s intention to sell products for profit rather than to expose the truth. Simcha “imagined” that if a study “show that product X will make your children sick. But I’ve developed product Y, which will keep your children healthy, and I’ll be selling it soon. What would your first thought be? Would you assume that his studies about product X are reliable and objective? Or would you take a closer look?” In fact, Sound Choice has never imagined “manufacturing a vaccine” but promised to “conduct research and product development, including alternate cell lines for vaccine production” as one of its missions.

Simcha continues to contradict her first point by asking for an alternative vaccine on her second “flag”: “Show me an effective alternative, and I’ll use it with gratitude. But don’t tell me that God will not allow us to make good come out of evil.” If Simcha had looked at Sound Choice’s mission statement, she would understand that Sound Choice is not a religious organization, but a research institute that applies scientific methods to end human trafficking and exploitation for the purposes of biomedical research and development of commercial products. In other words, Sound Choice, as a non-profit institution, would not provide alternative vaccines but ONLY support research for other entities that share the same values. More fundamentally, Simcha has forgotten that ONLY God can make good come out of evil.  Humans cannot.

And then there are ties among CDC-FDA-Pharma giants

To continue Doctor Deisher’s call for more analysis and scientific studies, one can ask why Sound Choice and other independent research institutes which investigate the safety and efficacy of vaccines still receive backlash and criticism? Why can’t we demand more research and open investigation from the CDC, FDA and pharmaceutical companies?

We have to acknowledge that here in the United States, pharmaceutical companies were able to successfully lobby the government to make sure that they cannot be held accountable to the law. ( Parents cannot sue the manufacturers if a vaccine manufacturer creates a defective or destructive vaccine that either harms or kills the child. Parents cannot hold that vaccine manufacturer responsible for failing to do what it is supposed to do. Today vaccine manufacturers are worth 24 billion dollars, and they are expected to be worth 61 billion dollars by the year 2020. ( It is no doubt that a huge profit-driven industry has been caught repeatedly falsifying data and lying to the people of this country for pure profit. Merck, for instance, one of the biggest vaccine companies, has two former scientists who turn out to be both CDC and Merck whistleblowers who exposed the fact that they failed to disclose that the Mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented. ( These scientists also confessed how they used improper testing techniques, manipulated testing methodology, abandoned undesirable test results, falsified test results, etc. Clearly some vaccine manufacturers are corrupted and should be responsible for their misconduct, yet, in reality, they are protected by the government, the CDC, the FDA, etc. It is essentially a revolving door among big pharma executives and government officials. I do not think it is a coincidence that last year 2015, the pharmaceutical industry spent 215 million dollars on lobbying, campaigning and employing some 1400 lobbyists. Do you think that such expenditure has any impact on this vaccine case?


Similarly, one scientist who conducted a study on vaccine safety and efficacy had to hide the result away because other scientists were destroying documents after documents. He then leaked these findings on social media. ( The person to whom the quote is attributed, William W. Thompson, is one of the authors on that study. Thompson has since said that the study showed an increased risk for autism among African-American boys who received the MMR but that the study authors decided not to publish that information. Later on, the CDC prevented Dr. Thompson from testifying about this vaccine fraud  (  We need more whistleblowers like William W. Thompson at the CDC for some true accountability from the vaccine industry that has been shielded from the law since 1986. There is a reason why Japan banned MMR vaccine (; they observed that because of this vaccine, people were permanently handicapped, children were blinded or they lost control of their limbs.

 Talking about the FDA, the FDA oversees the importation of food product, vegetable, fish from all over the world. We can import vegetable, tomatoes, lettuce from farms from all over the world, but somehow we cannot import safer, ethical vaccines from Japan or other countries. At the end of the day, we are harming our children because we are not strong enough on the issue of vaccine safety.  No American parent should be embarrassed or afraid to be concerned about the safety and the efficacy of vaccines. We need a commissioner that would stand up against the pharmaceutical industry to protect the American people, especially the future generation that is the answer that makes America great again.


December Newsletter (Holiday Edition)

SCPI Calls for Pediatrician Practice (#SCPIforPediatricians) as well as Parents’ Support for Vaccine Studies (#SCPIforParents)

SCPI stands for parents’ right to be informed about vaccine safety.

Dr. Deisher, leading the team of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, continues to fight for the parents’ right to be informed about vaccine safety.

Sound Choice for Pediatricians

On August 29, 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they were taking public comment on the MMR vaccine. The comment period ended on Dec 19, 2016. The comment forum as well as citizen-cited publications can be accessed at CDC website at

On September 3rd, 2016, Sound Choice received a comment from a pediatrician in private practice as follows:

“Since I heard about your studies on the introduction of human fetal DNA into the vaccines and time related increases in autism rates, I changed vaccine products and played with the schedule in my office. This was about 5-6 years ago. I have not looked at hard data, but the diagnosis of autism in my office has decreased from what appeared to be almost every week to maybe 2-3 per year. I have a mostly privately insured population and thus have control over the vaccines I choose to purchase for the office. Whenever I do see a patient who will get their vaccines, I recommend fetal free vaccines when possible.

I stopped purchasing Pentacel about 5 years ago and switched to pediarix (DTaP-IPV-Hep-B), and administer that at the usual intervals. MMR I administer at age 1, and varicella at 15-18 months, Hep A at 18 months or 2 yrs. I avoid giving MMR, Varicella and Hep A vaccines together for the majority of the time.”

Hence, Sound Choice urges other pediatricians and family medicine practitioners to consider replacing Pentacel and altering the schedule of other fetal vaccines to see how their autism rates in their practice might be affected. Email Sound Choice at [email protected] for more information or to report your observations. Alternatively, tag us on Twitter by using #SCPIforPediatricians for your comments or questions.

Sound Choice for Parents (#SCPIforParents)

Bob Wright, Former NBC Chief and Autism Speaks Co-Founder, is a grandfather of an autistic child. In his interview with the Today Show on March 29 this year, Wright confirmed that there are indeed a lot of issues with the Vaccine Safety Program. He pointed out that the program is “passive”, not “active” as it should be. He emphasized at the end of the interview, which confirms SCPI’s concerns, that “The problem is that all vaccines are the same but children who receive them are different.”

The Sound Choice team, along with other key players, encourages parents to recognize, demand and fight for the right to give fully informed consent when their child is about to get a vaccine. Parents have the right to know how their child’s vaccine is made and if it contains dangerous human fetal DNA and viral contaminants.

For printed version, please click here. 

Newsletter October 2016

Sound Choice continues its quest to inform the public on vaccine studies. Our upcoming publication is a detailed summary of the talk presented by our Medical Scientist, Dr. Peter Jarzyna, during the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists Conference in Houston in Feb 2016.

The title of the paper is “Insertional Mutagenesis and Autoimmunity Induced Disease Caused by Human Fetal and Retrovial Residual Toxins in Vaccines.” Below is the summary of the paper.


Regulatory agencies initally argued in early guidance meetings for a recommended limit of 10 pg contamining cell-substrate DNA per vaccine dose, which was later on loosened to 100 pg in 1986 (WHO Study Group; Geneva). Following an additional change based on a World Heath Organization (WHO) meeting in 1997, the currently recommended maximal amount of residual cell-substrate DNA per dose in a vaccine produced in a continuous cell line is 10 ng, a thousand times more than the inital value. None of the thresholds was based upon data or empirical study to justify the guidance. The WHO itself names two risks on their website concerning the “Safety of residual cellular DNA in vaccines”:

  • transmission of latent viruses and other agents
  • incorporation of cellular DNA into host genetic materials

The current WHO guidance of less than 10 ng cell substrate DNA per vaccine dose is well exceeded by contaminating DNA levels in the rubella, mumps-measels-rubella (MMR), chickenpox and some hepatitis A vaccines available in the US.The chickenpox vaccine available in the US is contaminated with greater than 2 mg fetal MRC-5 DNA, according to the manufacturer’s measurements. This is 200 times more than what the WHO recommends in their guidelines.


The unwanted DNA of the rubella vaccine is fragmented during the manufacturing process into short pieces of approximately 215 base pairs (in average) in length, which is ideal for cellular uptake and genomic integration. Recommendations to fragment the contaminating DNA arose from the concern that an entire cancer causing gene might be present among the fetal DNA contaminants. However, it has been scientifically shown that contrary to the integration of large DNA gene lengths, integration of short DNA fragments has been demonstrated to be much more efficient.

Furthermore, two vaccines (hepatitis A and rubella) are also contaminated with fragments of the Human Endogenous Retrovirus K (HERVK), a retrovirus that invades the genome of its host, can be re-activatable and which can facilitate the integration of foreign DNA into the host’s genome. HERVK is in the same family of retroviruses as the MMLV virus used in the gene therapy trial, in which inappropriate gene insertion led to subsequent additional somatic mutations and cancer in 4 of 9 young boys. Short DNA fragments are known to integrate into the genome in a species specific manner and can lead to an autoimmune response as well as mutagenesis and/or genomic instability.

As covered in detail in our last newsletter, the vaccine schedule exposes young children to insertion of fetal DNA fragments during a time of significant brain development. Despite the overwhelming body of scientific literature clearly demonstrating the high probability of autoimmune and/or insertional mutagenesis dangers from these contaminants, retroviral fragments as well as residual human diploid DNA are an unstudied risk to vaccine recipients. This is an unacceptable danger that undoubtedly cries out for serious epidemiological and scientific investigation.

is to disclose fetal DNA quantities in vaccine package inserts. Moreover, we emphasize the fact that alternatives are already available and manufactured in other countries. A rubella vaccine available in Japan clearly demonstrates that vaccines can be safely and effectively manufactured in animal based cell lines, eliminating the dangers of residual human DNA and retroviral contaminants. This Japanese vaccine is based on Takahashi strains of live attenuated rubella virus and is produced on rabbit kidney cells [14]. It has been recently proven that while Japan implemented the single-dose rubella vaccination program until 2006, a single dose of this vaccine was capable to retain immunity for at least 10 years when rubella was under regional control. SCPI is currently conducting a study to provide further clinical proof for autoimmunity caused by fetal DNA found in vaccines.

July 2016 Newsletter

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Christmas 2015 Newsletter

Thank you for helping us CREATE A BETTER WAY for biomedical progress!

2015 has been a year of painful struggles for us, but also a year filled with many advances and victories.  We lost my beloved son Henry Joseph on July 3, but we were blessed to have the Henry J. Streuli Cancer Research Memorial Fund created in his memory.  We have already launched the first preclinical studies to test a novel compound for its ability to send germinal center lymphoma cells into the blood stream where they will be easier to kill.  Henry’s suffering may help others suffer less and that is a great blessing.  On July 25 we lost our loved and long time scientist Kumiko Koyama, but we were blessed by the outpouring of support from all of you.  We keep her picture prominent in the lab to remind everyone, as Kumiko did regularly, to work harder, do better, and to continually challenge ourselves.

2015 has been the year of the exposé of the harvesting of the bodies of aborted fetuses for scientific research.  Regardless of congressional investigations or federal budget approvals, join us as we remind the world that:

 “There is a Better Way!”

Help us make 2016 the year when the idea of exploiting another human being for biomedical progress becomes UNTHINKABLE! 

– whether a pre-born child, a refugee, or the poor and the vulnerable –

Help us continue to discover and develop better alternatives.

To read the full Newsletter, Q4 2015_december 2015

Xmas 2015


Fall 2015 Newsletter

#PP still sells baby body parts : We must provide alternatives if we want to stop human exploitation justified for biomedical progress.

      Despite the recent exposé of the harvesting of body parts from babies with beating hearts, on Sept 28th Congress backed down and funded the government as well as the organization responsible for such atrocities.  Pro-choice or pro-life, no one condones such callous harvesting of another human body.  Congress is waiting for better alternatives before they take action, as they have waited for decades.  We at Sound Choice are close to bringing our first alternatives to clinic – YOU can help us get there.  Right now the best bang for your buck is to support Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute.  Advocacy is wonderful, exposé is wonderful, testimony of prolife groups to Congress is wonderful, but as we have seen repeatedly, those organizations can’t stop human exploitation as long as there is a market demand.

Sound Choice CAN beat them in the market.

We CAN provide better, safer alternative medicines.

We need YOUR support to get there.

Ethical alternatives are safer & more affordable.  Alternatives sound like a no-brainer to me!

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July 2015 Newsletter – What can YOU do to stop Planned Parenthood’s heinous practice of selling fetal body parts?

July 2015 Newsletter

  • What can YOU do to stop Planned Parenthood’s heinous practice of selling fetal body parts?

  • Will our elected officials and church leaders take action UNLESS alternatives are available?  Sadly, the answer is NO. 
  • What does the secular press say about SCPI and AVM Biotechnology?
  • The Mission of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute in our June 2008 corporate articles of incorporation
  • The Mission Statement of AVM Biotechnology

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