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“I just wanted to say thank you for your website and all the information that’s on it. I just had my first child a couple months ago and have been trying to find information about fetal free vaccines and your list has really helped me out. My doctor is pro-life but doesn’t have a lot of information about this so I will be bringing him your list on fetal free vaccines so he can start promoting them.

Thank you for all your hard work!”


“Your institute is in our prayers. My husband and I hold Molecular Biology and Medical Science degrees (PhD and MS, respectively), and have 9 children. We are eagerly watching your work and see it as a great sign of hope in the quagmire of unethical biotech initiatives out there. Keep up the wonderful work and know that the truth of what you do rings true for those who have hearts and minds to hear. We anxiously await ethical vaccines for our children – especially MMR and Hepatitis A – at this time! Thank you for your dedication to this important cause!”

Ray and Viv, Tiberias, Israel

“We request ethically clean vaccines for our grandchildren. We cannot believe how people are not aware of the ethical implications of the vaccines their children receive. Being grandparents now we are very concerned. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Jill (mom), Sacramento, CA

“Thank God for you! When might vaccines be available? We will come to Seattle if necessary. God bless you, you are in my prayers.”


“I so very much wish to thank SCPI, for bringing us alternative and ethical vaccines. This is the best news I’ve heard in several years.”

Stephen Gajdosik, President, Catholic Radio Association

“It was very good to meet you. I appreciate the distinctions and understanding you bring to the area of vaccines and stem cell research. In these murky times we need clear thinking. Ad majorem Dei gloriam!”

KYS, Kirkland, WA

“I enjoyed hearing your presentation on KGNW last Tuesday, and had to write in to both applaud you and learn more. My interest is twofold: I am both pro-life and a biochem major. I am thrilled to hear of a solution-oriented biotech firm founded on an appropriate respect for the Creator.

“Your focus on ethical vaccines particularly interested me, mainly for the several moral steps it involves. There is a countercurrent within a portion of the demographic that is likely to support SCPI that eschews vaccines for reasons additional to the aborted-humans source issue, reasons which vary in validity; SCPI would be an ideal solution because you have the cultural credibility to overcome their real and imagined fears.”


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